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The Hounds of War

By Bill Holland

A father brings his family to a cabin in the woods as a way to reconnect with his wife and two sons. Plagued by their past and unable to overcome who they are, the family is trapped in a viscous cycle that leads to ruin.



"There are certain shows in this great city that really should be seen by everyone - this show is one of them."

"It would be wise to call this as a great piece of theater"

"The actors are amazing."

"There is so much emotion to be found in this play, along with such events that would seemingly not belong becoming the perfect way to unexpectedly alleviate, even if just for a moment, the great amounts of uncomfortable tension. "



"Hounds of War marks the impressive debut of new indie theater company Wee Man Productions.  The production, directed by Mark Cirnigliaro, exudes a polished professionalism that well serves Bill Holland’s ambitious script."

"Mark Cirnigliaro directs them into a fine ensemble performance"

"Hounds of War is a promising debut for a talented new company."



"An emotionally spinning depiction of the family struggles encountered by a military veteranis poignantly and fiercely brought to the Dorothy Strelsin stage, in Hounds of War."

"The intensity of this production is woven with clearly expressed sentiment and dialogue, fueledby a synergy among the actors that is highly effective."

"the overall breadth and timing of the play is triumphant."


Mark Cirnigliaro as director has done an exemplary job at bringing the writing to life.  The characters and situations never fail to keep the undivided attention of the audience. 



"[Hounds of War] from Wee Man Productions is really quite impressive. The cast is excellent all around. The set and technical design is really impressive and does a great justice in establishing just the right tone for the show’s climax. This certainly does not feel like a production company’s first production, and yet it is– I’m sure we can expect great things in Wee Man Productions’ future."



"Wee Man’s production of “Hounds of War” charms not only because its storytelling is earnest but also because it’s smartly collaborative. Every actor adds nuance to his or her role. Director Mark Cirnigliaro, set designer Bethanie Wampol Watson, lighting designer Jeff Carr, and sound designer Matt Bittner use the constraints of the theater space to create an intimate viewing experience: The audience sits closely enough to hear bare feet slap across a wood floor, in a stifling living room far away from New York City."

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