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The Net Will Appear

By Erin Mallon

Two rooftops in suburban Ohio. A 75-year-old man and a 9-year-old girl sit on houses full of secrets. Literally. Bernard wants nothing more than to enjoy his beer (and perhaps kill a few sparrows), but Rory next door has different plans for him. With six decades between them and only four chance encounters to connect, these unlikely new friends unearth what's buried in each other and find new ground. Warning: this play includes tap dancing, pumpkin throwing and air-hugging.



". . .directed by Mark Cirnigliaro, you will want to see this charming intergenerational two hander. It's a play that tugs at your heartstrings and also makes you smile. "

The Net Will Appear is a show that tells how people can enrich each other's lives by reaching out. It is an honest, beautiful and genuine story that must be seen. Get your tickets now!



“Erin Mallon’s play The Net Will Appear delivers a similar momentary respite from the battering harshness of the outside world, in a straightforward but skillful production directed by Mark Cirnigliaro.”

“Eschewing the obvious descriptors (heartwarming, quirky, tugging at heartstrings, etc.), I’d describe my experience of the work as peaceful.”


"The Net Will Appear is directed with economy and sensitivity by Mark Cirnigliaro, is a powerful, intimate piece of theater you won’t soon forget."

“fresh, beautifully played, and absolutely charming.”

a stunning sustained performance by a child actor.

“The wonderful Richard Masur, makes crusty old Bernard easy to fall for, in a crafty and deeply felt performance.”


“All told, The Net Will Appear, directed with a soft touch by Mark Cirnigliaro, is a sweet and lovely little gem of a play.”


"The best word to describe this show is pure. Seventy-five minutes of pure heart, pure warmth, pure fun. Go see it, and you’ll come out wanting to hug every loved one you have."


"The Net Will Appear, directed with a sure footed balance by Mark Cirnigliaro"

"It floats across the separating space on the wings of both Mallon and Cirnigliaro"

"Do yourself a sweet favor and move in across the street, climb out on to your rooftop, sit back, and fall for The Net Will Appear. And don’t worry, you’ll be caught in its gentle and safe embrace before you even know it."



"Director Mark Cirnigliaro proves at all times neatly in tune with Mallon's characters, guiding his cast deftly along a subtle and delicate plot arch. There are no great fireworks or shocking revelations here, just a gradual peeling back of two personalities' protective outer layers. Cirnigliaro, Masur, and Lawler combine skillfully to achieve a warm pace for that journey."

"In Hoboken, playwright, director, and two excellent performers combine to make those seemingly mundane moments of chit-chat revelatory and moving."


"This is a tender, moving, slice of lives.  Mallon dialogue snaps with wit and craft.  She in concert with director Mark Cirnigliaro create memorable characters with amazingly strong performances from Masur and Lawler."

"credit . . .belongs to Mallon’s rich text, Cirnigliaro’s deft direction and Masur’s craftiness as an actor."



"This may be the best show Mile Square Theatre has produced in its new space." 

"The writing is superb, the directing goes unnoticed – which means it was also superb – and the stage, costumes and sound all complement a show which is full of, as Rory says, “nice moments.”

"Ultimately, the raw, undeniable impact of this production proves to power of another 1980s throwback catch phrase: “If you build it, they will come.” Mile Square Theatre has been built, and now they’re coming: The writers, directors, actors and talent along with their inspiration and their passion. All it needs now is you."



"I like to think, or maybe it’s just a hope of mine, that everyone has a person that is in their lives for a season, or two, that makes an imprint on the rest of their life. This play will help you remember that person and these two couldn’t do a better job of it."

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